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This House Would Legalize Abortion (for debate)

This House Would Believe in Legalize Abortion


Definition                           : Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo before it is viable. The abortion process carried out at various stages of pregnancy. According to statistical data that exist in America, abortion is performed with high frequency in the range of age of the fetus. In America, the reason for abortion are: 1. Do not want to have children for fear of disturbing a career, school or other responsibilities (75%) 2. Not having enough money to care for children (66%) 3. Do not want to have children without fathers (50%)

There are two kinds of abortion, namely: 1. Abortion done alone 2. Abortion others do

Abortions are done alone, by the use of drugs that damage to the fetus, or acts that intentionally want to abort the fetus.

Abortions are performed other people Other people here can become a doctor, midwife or midwife. The ingredients used are also diverse.

Abortions are carried out by a doctor or a midwife generally is carried out in five stages, namely: 1. baby killed by a knife or crushed in the womb 2. Baby dismembered his body to easily eliminate 3. Pieces once the baby is expelled from the uterus 4. Pieces to be mounted to ensure the full and not fall 5. The pieces of the baby and then thrown into the garbage / rivers, buried in a vacant field, or burned in the oven

Why it can be a problem: abortion became a problem because the purpose of abortion is still confusing. There are benefits and disadvantages of abortion.

Parameter                          : The parameter is in countries that legalized abortion named China

Evindences                         : legalized abortion for various reasons

Section 15 of law number 23 year of 1992, states that:

  1. in a state of emergency in a bid to save the lives of pregnant women and fetuses may be the action of certain medical
  2. It can be happen by abortion based on medical indication, conducted by health personnel who have the expertise and authority to do so, with the consent of pregnant women who are concerned, at certain health facilities.

Arguments                         :

  1. During the 1960s and early 1970s, U.S. states began to repeal their bans on abortion. In Roe v. Wade (1973), the U.S. Supreme Court stated that abortion bans were unconstitutional in every state, legalizing abortion throughout the United States. For those who believe that human personhood begins during the early stages of pregnancy, the Supreme Court’s decision and the state law repeals that preceded it may seem horrific, cold, and barbaric. And it is very easy to find quotes from some pro-choices who are completely unconcerned about the bioethical dimensions of even third-trimester abortions, or who have a callous disregard for the plight of women who do not want to have abortions, but are forced to do so for economic reasons.
  2. abortion is a choice. the rights of a woman whether she wants to have her baby or not.
  3. abortions is performed by various reasons. She  should be forced to have abortion. For the example, If a pregnant woman has cervix, abortion is the right choice so that her life can be saved.
  4. then the economic problem. if the economy does not allow for the care of children a woman would then have an abortion. for example there is poor women, he had trouble finding the money to feed herself. but she was pregnant how could she care for her child?
  5. Unplanned pregnancy have long influence formed not fulfilled love in every respect for children that being intellectual poverty that close with financial poverty, so that can to sharpen crime progression that to disturb general order. We can do abortion decriminalization that support by law is a tool of social engineering as solution.
  6. Science and medical practice also have different views. Although some doctors to explicitly declare the cancellation of the fetus is murder, several other doctors argue that the embryos are aged less than three months no more than a frog or fish.


This House Would Believe in Legalize Abortion


Arguments                         :

  1. abortion causes psychological disorder and death.
  2. unsafe abortion, although it has never been registered as an independent cause of maternal death, is really helpful contributor to maternal mortality. Unsafe abortion is shrouded in the amount of bleeding is a major cause of maternal death.
  3. Sex outside of marriage brings considerable negative impact on the actors themselves and the environment. Starting from the possibility of contracting the disease, until pregnancy outside marriage. It also causes / impact on the high rate of abortion. Although the act of abortion, it also has a very high risk to the safety of women themselves. The following risks occur if an abortion, especially adolescents:
    1. deaths due to excessive bleeding
    2. Sudden death due to anesthesia failed
    3. Death slowly due to serious infection around the uterus
    4. uterine perforation
    5. Cervical Lacerations cause defects in subsequent children
    6. breast cancer because estrogen hormone imbalance in women
    7. Ovarian Cancer
    8. Cervical Cancer
    9. Liver Cancer
    10. Abnormalities in the rope / cord placenta (Placenta Previa) which will cause defects in subsequent children and severe bleeding during subsequent pregnancies.
    11. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    12. Ectopic Pregnancy
    13. Endometriosis
    14. Infections of the reproductive organs due to curettage (medically) that do not sterile. This makes adolescents experiencing infertility later after marriage.
    15. Bleeding, so that adolescents may experience shock due to bleeding and neurological disorders. As well as bleeding can also result in the death of the mother and child, or both.
    16. The risk of tearing of the uterus or matrix reptur large and curettage due to exhaustion from the uterine wall. Infertility due to rupture of the uterus, the risk of infection, the risk of collision with the risk of maternal and infant mortality at birth.
    17. The appearance of genital traumatic Fistula is a treaty or a relationship between the genital and urinary or gastrointestinal, device that normally does not exist.



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